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Snow Blast: Bringing Snow to the Sunshine City

Take a look at the newest snow attraction coming to St. Petersburg, Florida this holiday season.

Sure living in Florida has it perks, but there’s just something magical about snow. If your kids are anything like mine, they’ve never experienced the thrill of pelting a sibling with a firmly packed snowball, building the perfect snowman or sledding down a steep hill. The folks at The Idea Engine are here to bring that thrill to the Sunshine City.

In the southeast parking lot of Tyrone Square Mall a winter wonderland known as Snow Blast awaits. The main attraction is hard to miss-- a 10,000 square foot tent standing tall in an otherwise ordinary parking lot.

The massive tent, dubbed The Enchanted Snow Pavilion, is divided into four areas inside: the Arctic Alley with eight 60-foot-long lanes of snow tubing for riders 36 inches and up; the Polar Play Zone for free play in the snow; the Snow Ball Sling where you can hone your snowball skills while tossing at targets; and the Candy Cane Castle for the perfect spot for little ones to play and slide.

Snow Blast St. Petersburg Florida
Arctic Alley at Snow Blast Florida.

This is a good time to note that the snow inside of the tent is actual snow and not shaved ice. Yes, it is artificially made and will pack down and harden over time like natural snow, but the Snow Blast team plans to replenish and re-till the snow every two hours to keep it nice and soft.

Snow Blast Florida St. Petersburg Tyrone Square
Candy Cane Castle and Polar Play Zone.

A Snow Blast ticket guarantees 90 minutes of open access to the Pavilion. Guests are also free to explore the Alpine Village located just outside the walls of the tent during this reserved time or after the time has expired. This is where you’ll find make-and-take holiday crafts, family games, entertainment, karaoke on an interactive stage and reasonably-priced concessions-- hot chocolate after all of that snow play, anyone?

If all of the snow action isn’t enough to make you want to go, the details behind it all just might.

Snow Blast is the brainchild of Bob Valenti, founder of The Idea Engine, and his team. Currently the director of the J.W. Cate Recreation Center and a founding member of TASCO, Bob has over forty years of experience in events and recreation. He and his team, including his event-planning niece Amanda brought in from South Dakota, are putting that knowledge and know-how into action to make Snow Blast an event where not only kids will have fun but one that parents will enjoy, too.

Gone are the long lines, overcrowded spaces and nickel-and-diming for every activity. The number of tickets sold are limited to 200 per 90-minute time slot meaning you won’t spend your entire time waiting in lines. Parking and all activities in the Snow Pavilion and on the interactive stage are included in the ticket price as well. Concessions will, of course, be offered at reasonable prices, and outside vendors may offer additional goods or activities in the Alpine Village.

Ready to go? Snow Blast launches this Saturday, December 1st and will be open every day (even Christmas!) through January 7th. Much more affordable than a family trip to the mountains, tickets are $25 per person. Early bird discounts and group rates are available though, and kids under two are free (one child per paid admission). Be sure to bring a camera and don’t forget the gloves, closed-toed shoes and a change of dry clothes for those planning to get in on the snow action.

And just maybe your kid will finally be able to build that perfect snowman.

To reserve a time for your family or to get answers to frequently asked questions, visit here.